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KAMA Digital Solutions Company Limited

Business software solutions for small, mid and large size businesses
  • - System Analysis and Design
  • - Intelligent Web-based Systems
  • - Content and Learning Management Systems
  • - Custom-made IT solutions for the public sector.
Computer Peripherals Installation, Maintenance and Services
  • - PC Maintenance
  • - Software Installation
  • - Peripheral Installation and Maintenance.
Advanced Network and Networking Services
  • - Network Services
  • - Networking Installation
  • - Network Infrastructure Design.
Website Design and Development
  • - Websites Hosting
  • - Domain Registration
  • - Responsive Web Design and Development.
ICT Consults
  • - ICT Policing
  • - ICT Training and Workshops
  • - ICT Project Planning and Implementation
  • - ICT Training Curriculum Design and Development.
BULK-SMS Reselling
  • - Value for Money SMS pricing
  • - Free Trial & Pay as you go flexibility
  • - Fast and powerful omnichannel delivery
  • - Simple but Secure API for all of your Messaging Integration.
TOMCAT Server Hosting Services
  • - PHP Hosting
  • - JAVA Hosting (All Java editions).

KAMA Digital Solutions Company Limited

At KAMA our tradition is to research on the problem and invent a system based on the same problem(s) in order to offer a practical solution.

This has rewarded our customers immeasurably as we offer solutions to every customer regardless of the magnitude of their business. We invent varieties of systems designed to serve small, middle across to large business and services.

We always put
our customers first

KAMA Digital Solutions is a guru in software development and innovative solutions.In the modern age, web-based systems are order of the day in order to enhance self-service, mobility and to overturn limits of working hours .

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