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SDS (SACCOS Digital Solution)

Software development is the whole end to end process. Mostly about to transform existing manual operations into automated processing which grants for no human errors and make the process smooth, fast and accurate.

We are known for SACCOS Digital Solution (SDS) which has transformed both data management and operational efficiency and effectiveness in Financial Cooperative Societies in Tanzania. In the span of two year we have been able to break the record by introducing a comprehensive and integrated system for both SACCOS management and financial reporting.


USHIRIKA Digital is the central control system designed for the Tanzania Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC) through its chain of service at region and district levels to oversee and thusly regulate Financial Cooperatives in the country.


COREIMAS, namely, Corona Reporting Information Management System is an intelligent web-based system, a platform crafted for reporting COVID-19 incidences and generation of various statistical data about the Virus attack in Tanzania particularly. This system was developed as the company’s inventive response to the pandemic.


This is the Sales Management System, an intelligent web-based system for management of various small and medium businesses such as retail and whole sale shops and Supermarkets. It control sales across to the business inventory and generates various financial reports including income statement.

TIMAS i.e. Timetable and Schedule Information Management System

Timetable and Scheduling Management System is the recent invention from KAMA Digital Solutions.

It is a comprehensive web-based system for management of schedule and timetable particularly for organizations and business with shift based operations. This system is an answer to the teething problem of lecture collisions in lecture theatres and halls in higher learning institutions.

MIMAS i.e. Microfinance Management System

MIMAS is a banking information management system for managing and controlling Microfinance and credit services business.

It is a web based intelligent system which makes it easy for the business holders to track and follow up every transaction being conducted in every branch of their business and generates various financial reports including income statement in real time.

Online Journal

This is an Online Journal recommendable for higher learning institutions. It is a forum for publishing research papers, book reviews, articles and books.

It is designed to enable and control online submission of manuscripts, online review, manuscript tracking through publication.

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